网赌平台 specializes in new 建设, 建筑改造, renovations 和 alterations of new 和 pre-existing air conditioning systems

We are proud of our longst和ing reputation for 可靠性 和 strong commitment to 卓越

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我们建立一个 comprehensive schedule early on in the project 和 work with design engineers to meet specific project needs 和 challenges associated with large 和 complicated building retrofits. 我们的 projects have included large trading 和 telecommunication centers, 燃油系统, 行政办公室, 餐厅, hospitals 和 institutional 和 industrial compounds.




我们提供 预防性维护 programs for clients with supplemental HVAC systems. We are currently retained by more than 1,000 service accounts in the New York metropolitan area. 无论大小, 企业和零售, institutional 和 technological. A full staff of service 和 supervisory technicians is available around the clock to ensure that our clients are never without service.



骄傲 在我们的服务和 奉献 to the improvement of our industry 和 workforce are the twin cornerstones of 网赌平台. 我们提供 精确的预算 和有价值的 工程服务 我们的客户. Much of this is done in the pre-建设 phase as well as during the design development phase. PJ机械. 旨在提供 最好在课堂上 安装s, service & maintenance 和 building management needs. 


网赌平台’s commitment to environmental stewardship 和 sustainability extends far beyond the materials we install in environmentally friendly 和 energy efficient buildings. 在网赌平台, we continually seek opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint我们的影响 在这个星球上. 我们把它变成了我们的 持续的责任 to improve the 能源效率 of our operations, 减少我们浪费, purchase materials from suppliers whose manufacturing practices are within EPA标准, 和 continue to build on our best practices of installing the most energy efficient 和 healthy materials available.

We are currently members of the US Green Building Council 和 actively seek to build LEED Green Certified Projects whenever possible. 最近, we completed projects for Yankee Stadium, 花旗集团(Citigroup), 哥谭镇中心, Moody’s 和 The Bank of America Tower, 所有这些 LEED Green Certified Buildings. The Bank of America Tower received the LEED Platinum Certification, for having been the most sustainable high-rise tower in the world.


Maintaining a comfortable 和 productive work environment requires a large amount of energy. 一些建筑 估计高达35% of total energy costs are used for indoor ventilation 和 comfort. 网赌平台有限公司. is committed to energy savings without sacrificing comfort 和 indoor air quality.

网赌平台保证了 最高质量 in 预防性维护. Clean coils, air filters, 和 water strainers are our first line of defense for 能源效率. Time clocks are active 和 meet daily schedule. 我们的 Temperature set points (包括加热 & cooling) are correct 和 not excessive. 网赌平台有限公司. reviews every application 和 provides both options 和 recommendations to ensure efficient energy consumption.


网赌平台 takes great pride in ensuring safety on all our worksites. 我们的合作伙伴 OSHA 和 other governmental safety organizations with the goal of exceeding industry st和ards 为了安全.


Don’t just collect pollutants, destroy them

直到现在, air purifiers have attempted to collect pollutants on filters where they can multiply 和 release back into the air. 忘记过去. Destroy pollutants instead.

PJM is proud to be affiliated with Molekule to offer a clean air solution.


As part of our continued commitment to the training 和 education of our team of technicians, PJ 机械服务 & 维护 division participates in an apprenticeship training program at the 服务 Fitters Training Center. The training center is in partnership with labor unions 和 management, with the focus of providing training for state of the art equipment 和 educational programs.

学员得到 实践经验 用一些 most significant new 建设 projects 在纽约. 我们提到了 它是免费的? 在网赌平台 we are are always looking to build 和 grow the next generation.


Peter J. 帕帕斯


In 1971, Peter J. 帕帕斯老. decided to start his own company. 工作ing from home with his wife Cathy as his assistant. 他开始 网赌平台

Nearly half a century later, Peter served as Chairman of the Board of P.J.M. 控股集团, the family owned 和 operated corporation - consisting of 网赌平台有限公司, 三角洲金属板 Corporation, 网赌平台服务 & 维护公司., 网赌平台 构建服务 Corp. 和 专家绝缘 Corp. Since its inception, the company has grown to become the largest HVAC contractor in the New York Metropolitan area 其中一个 largest 机械收缩 firms in the northeastern United States.

In 2005, PJ机械 was selected to work on 机械收缩 new World Trade Center Project at Ground Zero, 和 9/11 Memorial 和 Museum. We took great pride in 和 were honored to complete those 和 other projects at the WTC site.

网赌平台 has also worked on 主要装修 at signature properties such as the Chrysler Building, 花旗集团大厦, 麦迪逊广场花园, 美国在线时代华纳中心, 通用汽车大厦, 公园大道心房, 纽约大学医学中心, Weil Cornell Medical Center, 卡内基音乐厅, Carnegie Tower 和 Morgan Stanley Properties. 

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